7 Highlights of #TracksAndHighways

The 2015 IHS Camp has come to stay as the best so far in the series of our annual camping experiences. In the past we have climbed mountains, camped under freezing temperatures, as well as booked out chalets. But the 2015 #TracksAndHighways camp was remarkable not just because we went cozy on Victoria Island of Lagos State, Nigeria. Of course that too was fresh, but in addition to the comfy accommodation were other highlights:

  1. On day 1 of camp, we had the priviledge of hosting gospel music star: Pastor J (Jimmy Odukoya), who had previously featured on the cover of our December 2011 edition. Pastor J was downright in speaking about being a Christian in a secular world; how to live a life of impact without compromising. From issues of tattooing, to drinking of alcohol, kissing, secular music in the church, relationships and loads more, it was a moment when beliefs were challenged and the Bible was consulted for guidance as our final authority.
  2. Another important personality we got the opportunity to have at camp was the totally gorgeous and super intelligent Treasure Obasi. She was with us on Day 2 and shared on living the celebrity life as a teenager. Treasure has taken lead roles in award winning movies, featured in reputable music videos, won numerous awards for her oratory and writing skills, currently anchors a program on the NTA TV Network and proudly proclaims Christ. She also featured on the September 2012 edition of In His Steps magazine and as a 17 year old, her session with us on camp was nothing short of inspiring.
  3. SALT and LIGHT were the two squads/teams at the 2015 IHS camp. One of their tasks was to come up with as many references as possible from the bible which made mention of Light or Salt and they were to do this without the aid of their phones, internet access or concordances (all within an allocated time frame). It was an illuminating session seeing how each team battled to come up with accurate scriptural references. Team Light won the contest but Team Salt put up an incredibly remarkable show.
  1. We had a guest speaker – Pastor Yele. Awesomeness doesn’t quite describe her time with us. She challenged everyone to live in the pursuit of God daily; to trust Him no matter the odds and to get rid of distractions on our path. Her session was filled with real life experiences from her faith walk with God and it drove the points home.
  1. Visit to the Beach: on Day 2 of camp, we made a trip to Tarkwa Bay (one of the tourist destinations of Lagos). Tarkwa Bay is accessible only by boat. Oh yes! We embarked on a boat ride and it was so much fun. Needless to say that by sun down, getting people back into the boats required extra pleas.
  2. Rap Battle: never underestimate yourself! This is something our impromptu rap battle proved. For our rap battle, each squad was asked to present two representatives who were to have a round each to deliver rap bars using the song INTENTIONAL by Travis Greene. With just about 15 minutes to organize, these four individuals dropped bars that got us WOWed! Team SALT won this session but Team Light wasn’t far behind at all. Watch the┬árap here
  3. On Day 3, the last day of camp, we were hosted to the Praise O’Clock Show at Praise World Radio where we had a really cool chat with Tola Omoniyi (Spice on the Mic). We also premiered our theme song for #TracksAndHighways written and performed by the talented gospel act: J Dust. If you haven’t heard it, you’ve got to. Right now! Download here


You can watch the video highlights here:

We had many more life changing moments on camp but these few capture some of the extra special moments. We hope to see you at the 2016 camp which no doubt will even be better than 2015 because we run by the Proverbs 4:18 principle.

Feel free to join us in our declaration for this year: #YADA which in Hebrew translates as ‘to know’. In 2016, we know what to do and our steps are ordered.


Here are the fellas who made 2015 #TracksAndHighways camp awesome:

J Dust, Emmanuel, Damola, Titilayomi, Okikiola, Olaronke, Molly D, Funto, Seun, Temitayo, Tomiyin, Lois, Edirin, Hannah, Iyanu, Banji, Ebunoluwa, Bolu, Phemie, Kitan, Yemi, Abije, Ashiwel, Ziva, Bayo.


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