The 2016 IHS Camp was themed #FillUp. It held in Lagos, Nigeria from 27 – 30 December 2016. A total of 45 participants attended camp from all over Nigeria, with some traveling in from South Africa too! It was a remarkable experience this year and below are the highlights:

We worshipped from our heart. Every morning started out with intense moments of praise and worship. On Wednesday (28 December) we had an incredible worship session with some of Nigeria’s finest gospel artistes, including Okey Sokay, Gift Berries, Tunedey and LC Beatz. We felt God move at this session and it was greatly rewarding!

We had the unique priviledge of hosting amazing personalities at this year’s camp. They all shared with us on what it means to be Filled Up with God’s spirit. Among those who came through to be a blessing were: Emem Ema (of the former KUSH), Tola Omoniyi (CEO of Praiseworld Radio), and Pastor Yele Olabisi (Youth Pastor and CEO of Phabulousity).

We had straight up talks. For example, we held a serious conversation on what the church’s approach should be to the LGBTI community; we discussed whether its better to read the Bible off a phone app or the traditional hard copy bible; we deliberated on whether it was ok to preach on buses or airplanes for that matter.

We took a trip to the world famous Lekki Conservation Centre and climbed Africa’s longest canopy walkway. This was so much fun and its a location we recommend you visit if you are ever in Lagos Nigeria for holidays. We also played games and had race competitions.

We all got decked up in white attires and turned up for a photoshoot. Words are insufficient to describe the overdose of freshness that characterized the photoshoot session but the pictures below will give a hint:

We didn’t skip out on kitchen business. Ain’t nobody dare mess with food. And in addition to the sumptuous meals, we got special treats such as grilled chicken and the savory caramel popcorn topped with some ice-cream too!

Some of the deep punchlines from this year’s camp include the following:

“Salvation package comes with advancement of common sense”  – Pastor Yele

“God is obsessed with newness” – Okey Sokay

“The Holy Spirit is a better mentor than any mentor you can have” – Tola Omoniyi

“The more your life pleases the Lord, the more people will be attracted to your light” – Pastor Yele

“When we say #FillUp, sometimes its not only about you being filled but recognizing that you’ll also be a tool for filling someone else” – Ashiwel Okang

“The church must learn to start working with people from where they are and not where we want them to be” – Dami Iranloye

“We need God if we must fulfill our assignment” – Bayo Okeowo

For the year 2017, we are running with the word: INDELIBLE. In other words, we shall leave an indelible and unforgettable mark on the hearts and lives of everyone we come across this year!


And now let the count down begin to #IHSCamp2017!

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