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I was going through a church’s service album and I figured a lot of people have been “turning up for Christ” these days. Lots of fresh faces with well carved brows, awesomely groomed beards and lots of curves! Jesus must be proud of his church. I mean if we could look really awesome like that, fashion consciously arranging our prints, giving the church a spark of beauty, indeed doing a total make over on the church’s appearance then I guess thy kingdom has really come. I remember stepping into a church auditorium and felt as though I was in a different world. The mix of fragrance pushed against me. My sensitive nose twitched a couple of times in an attempt to fight back the stubborn sneeze which later made its way out and loud.

The sneeze was expressed at about 150miles per hour prompting some attention I wouldn’t have desired, at least not in a place that doesn’t feel like home. They all turned to stare. I gave them this ‘what? Don’t y’all sneeze in your church?’ face and they replied with the ‘well, we sneeze outside the church’ kind of look.

Next up was the little matter of the North Pole nature of the hall. The air conditioner oozing some deep stuff felt as though I was holding a service in late autumn. “How do these people survive the cold here?” I asked myself as it seemed as though I was the only one complaining. I’m sure plenty others had the same issue, but like myself; we kept our problems to ourselves and acted as if we were in Rome. I didn’t blame them for having such strong air conditioning – their guys had layers of fabrics on; first comes the singlet, then shirt, waist coat and then blazer! Of course they need air conditioning!

It’s lovely to see people embracing the gospel of ‘Christians need to look good’ but it hurts when I see people ‘dressing up to kill’ on the outside, without real substance on the inside. The only person you should be trying to kill is the flesh, not the pastor or fellow brethren. If only as beautifully adorned we are on the outside, our hearts could be adorned in the finest of decorations; clothed in the sweetest prints of worship, ready for the father’s amusement, offering a sweet smelling praise on to the maker.

Let the angels enter the midst of the people and sneeze because of the concentration of sincere, heartfelt worship.

It’s sad that the short and extremely tight skirts the ladies wear give little or no room to serious dance offerings in churches these days. A little bend and too much information is released to the people of God. Leave a little space, to widen those legs, bend and jump, without offering fellow brethren a ticket to lust. Don’t let those pretty shoes hinder your service to God. I agree you look awesome, but what is the essence of looking awesome if the one you serve is unhappy at the end of it all.

How many people will go to an eatery just to see a handsome waiter with an awesome build, standing by your table and not taking your orders? Now, you can imagine a tiny part of how God feels when we are beautifully adorned on the outside, but have nothing to give on the inside.

I read an interesting fact about zebras. The stripes on a zebra are not just on the surface, but it goes deep through the layers of its skin. The stripes are not just what the zebra wears, it is what he is.  Same thing is expected of us as Christians; Be stripped to the inside! Adorn yourself physically and appeal to humans, but don’t forget the most important part to God; beautify your heart too.

Ayobola Ojuawo


2 thoughts on “Fresh to the Inside by Ayobola Ojuawo

  1. God bless you. I have carried that feeling around for long. ‘Colourful meal with a teribble taste’ I would say. Religious priority has been misplaced and that is why real annoint fled.

  2. God bless you dear. These truths should be heard everywhere. I believe my father would rather that christians creates an atmosphere of heaven around him or her than spread fragrance without a touch of God. God eternal plan must be fulfilled. Amen and God bless

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