You may have never heard his name before and you may have never come across any of his artistic expressions. BUT, now you need to pay attention to AKOREDE as he launches out on this mind gripping, ear filling sound titled HE(ART) BEAT.

The words are individually crafted to emphasise the value of YOU as God’s creation. There is no doubt that we totally love his music. And when we got chatting with him about the inspiration behind the music, here is what he had to say:

“This song came out of two different phases of emotion l was experiencing at that time. Firstly I was blown away by beats and sounds. You know, I sat down one day thinking to myself.. sounds must really have a voice.. notes and rhythm, can’t just be only to make us move our body. Simultaneously I was feeling really low and insecure about myself… maybe I’m not good enough,smart enough for science class, maybe I’m not good looking enough, etcetera. So this piece was just written to speak to myself that I matter.”

Don’t forget that you are uniquely YOU and you matter too!

Akorede has this as a first in a series of more to come on a project focused on SPOKEN MUSIC

Click here to download, or right click on the track below and select ‘SAVE AS’

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