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Dressing is an important aspect of human personality. Often times, it is said that people address you the way you are dressed, hence, there is the need for proper dressing at all times. I will be talking about how you can hit the look with stripes, be it jacket, trouser, shirts, accessories like bangles, bags, shoes and so on. The men are not exempted. Some people seem to be confused on how to wear stripes so as to avoid fashion disaster. Friends, there is nothing scary about a stripe. In fact the classic pattern is so inoffensive and flattering, its basically a neutral. Stripes can be vertical, horizontal, thick, skinny or diagonal. Not to worry, here are some tips and tricks to make/ help you nail this look every time.





– Pick a garment you are comfortable around with, something plain. It can be a plain skirt, pants, trouser, suit, shirt and so on, then introduce stripes into your look with a small accessory, like a clutch, hat, bracelet, socks, shoes to give your outfit an effortlessly good-looking vibe.

– If you are going with stripes gown, either long or short, you should use plain accessories and you can pair with a plain jacket and a scarf for a vintage look.

– For stripe trousers, pair with bright coloured and matching tops or tee shirts or even corporate shirts and you can tuck it in. This also apply to the guys.

– You can wear more than one striped but it should be moderate. For example, a guy can pull off a striped tie and a striped shirt but take into account the scale of the stripes in both. The stripes in your shirt should be a different scale to that of your tie. Choose a thick-striped shirt with a thin-striped tie or vice versa. Ensure the stripes of your shirt and tie run in different directions.

– Monochromatic stripes(black and white) will keep the look leaner and less noticeable. Try black on gray for a more urban look. Also try paring a striped top with a coloured skinny jean, short or skirt.

– Guys, if you want to wear socks on stripes, go for neutral colours like brown or khaki.



– Beware of complementary colours. Especially the guys, Do not wear stripes of contrasting or loud colours.

–  Opt for stripes of other colours. Best combinations are, red and white, light brown and black which resembles the leopard print, blue and white, and so on.

Stripes can be worn anytime, any day. If you are scared of setting out this look, you can start with pinstripe first, once you feel comfortable in them, make your way to wider stripes.

Till next week when we will come up with another fascinating aspect of dressing, God bless you.

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