Seun Friday Couture is moving at a very amazing rate in the facet of menswear. Seun Friday is a young and talented, entrepreneur who is passionate about fashion. He also inspires, encourages and challenges young people at seminars organized by different stakeholders in the fashion industry. Take a view at the lookbook of Seun Friday Couture at:

Below are pictures of some of his outfits for men

Seun-Friday-Couture-Lookbook-1-17 Seun-Friday-Couture-Lookbook-1-19 Seun-Friday-Couture-Lookbook-1-20 Seun-Friday-Couture-Lookbook-1-22 Seun-Friday-Couture-Lookbook-1-25 Seun-Friday-Couture-Lookbook-1-27 Seun-Friday-Couture-Lookbook-1-29 Seun-Friday-Couture-Lookbook-1-32


Till next week, its bye for now people. God bless you

Love Ajagbe


Credits: Zegist Magazine, Punch Newspaper, Seun Couture website


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